Our company has a strong reputation for innovation, professionalism and expertise within the renewable sector.Kane Group

By prefabricating pipe in the custom built work shop the on-site hazards are greatly reduced.

We offer a full in-house design, build and installation service for all types of Modular systems.

Within Kane Group we have a wealth of experience which allows us to take account of client requirements and enables our design team to adapt these to specific modular solutions.

The overall look and the feel of quality is exceptional with very good attention to detail.




Kane Group

Benefits of Prefabrication

Kane Group, is the market leader within the prefabrication industry and we continue to strengthen our position within this industry which broadens our skills and expertise.

  • Higher Productivity
  • Year round construction
  • Greater build and quality assurance
  • Reduced waste
  • Enhanced deployment offsite
  • Reduced commissioning time onsite
  • Higher level of site safety
  • Affordable customisation
  • Enhanced exterior finishing’s
  • Compact


Modular Systems

Kane Group are renowned for delivering successful multi-disciplined Building Service projects throughout the UK and Ireland. Our Prefabrication systems are adapted through heating and energy plants. Kane Group

Skid Mounted boilers and Prefabricated plant rooms:

  • Both are transportable, with relative ease in movement and repositioning
  • Electrical wiring and interconnecting pipework are all completed on skid

Especially suitable when:

  • On-site access is restricted
  • Time is limited
  • Security is important

We are a forerunner in the Building Services Industry through the design and manufacturing of insulated and pressure tested prefabricated modules.